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From top: Irish Times editorial on the EPA report which has prompted calls for cyclists to wear protective masks

Earlier this week, The Irish Times reported on a report published by the Environmental Protection Agency about nitrogen dioxide levels in Dublin.

In response, Cian Ginty, of Irish Cycle, writes:

Officials from the Environmental Protection Agency yesterday gave a stark warning on nitrogen dioxide air pollution, clearly making the link between excessive car use and human health.

in reaction, The Irish Times told us to wear cycling face masks and not to walk on busy roads and, this morning, used its influential editorial column to call for urgent action to… wait for it… have more monitoring.

More monitoring is needed, but using such an influential column to just calling for monitoring is a disservice to the residents of the city centre, and visitors of all types, be they workers, shoppers or tourists.

The bull in the China shop — the car — is hardly touched on in the article.

The Irish Times says the “capital needs a real-time map to highlight how bad the air has become in certain parts of the city” but what the capital needs is action — mainly focused on traffic reductions measures.

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