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Public Services Card; from the Digital Rights Ireland’s website

Ciannan Brennan, in the Irish Examiner, reports:

A digital rights advocacy body is to bring the country’s first “mass action” against the State regarding alleged infringements of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the case of the Public Services Card (PSC).

Digital Rights Ireland (DRI) has launched its #no2psc campaign, which will see the group make a complaint to the Data Protection Commissioner on behalf of citizens that cardholders’ rights have been breached en masse under GDPR.

In order to sign up for the action, people who either have or have had a PSC can give their details, including PSC number, via DRI’s campaign portal online. They also must give their PSC number.

Rights group to bring ‘mass action’ against State over PSC (Ciannan Brennan, The Irish Examiner)

#No2PSC (Digital Rights Ireland)