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A video describing the examination of geology for suitable places to bury nuclear waste in Northern Ireland.

Via Comhlámh:

The UK government has published details on its ongoing investigations into siting nuclear waste dumps in Northern Ireland.

In its examination, Northern Ireland is divided up into 4 sub regions. The website states that in Sub-region 2 (pictured centre):

‘Our work shows that we may find a suitable geological setting for a GDF in a small part of this subregion.

Rock can be seen at the surface in some of this subregion such as sea cliffs, inland cliffs in the Mourne Mountains and the Ring of Gullion and in man-made excavations such as quarries or road cuttings.

Combined with some deep boreholes and geophysical investigations, this gives us an understanding of the rocks present and their distribution

There are various types of gaps in our understanding of geology and we deal with these gaps in a number of ways.

There are granites and similar strong rocks around Newry, in which we may be able to site a GDF.’



UK Government releases studies on siting GDF nuclear waste dumps in Northern Ireland (Comhlámh)

National Geological Screening for a GDF – Northern Ireland

Thanks Bryan