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From top: A screengrab from a Sunday Independent story in relation to Digicel’s pending stock market flotation in New York and screengrabs from the company’s latest filings to the US Securities and Exchange Commission ahead of its public offering

Namawinelake tweetz:

‘DOB’s [Denis O’Brien’s 30%-owned INM papers say Digicel could be worth $13billion; it made a loss of $158million last year & is balance sheet insolvent to tune of $2.9billion…How could company that’s $3billion balance sheet insolvent be worth $13billion? Are its future prospects that good?’


Read file in full here

O’Brien’s Digicel float will be the biggest Irish IPO ever (Sunday Independent)

Meanwhile, back home, Newstalk reports…

SIPTU says a company creating 400 jobs in Dublin needs to say whether it’s going to rehire some staff it’s already laying off.

Pharmaceutical company Bristol Myers Squibb is creating [400] jobs at a new manufacturing plant at Cruiserath in north Dublin.

1,000 jobs will also be created during the construction phase at the biological medical company – expected to be completed in 2018.

However, the news comes only eight months after the company said it would be closing a separate plant on the same site, with 130 workers being let go.

Company that announced 400 jobs is already laying off 130 people (Newstalk)