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Behold, the new Christmas Titles from O’Brien Press.

Tríona Marshall writes:

Great Moments in Irish Sport from Sportsfile. In this compilation of photographs spanning decades of Irish sport, readers can enjoy and reminisce on some our nation’s best sporting moments, both nationally and internationally.

Ah… That’s Gas by Sarah Cassidy and Kunak McGann. A wry look at the classic ads, unexpected crazes and viral moments from the worlds of Irish entertainment, sport, history and more, this A-Z is jam-packed with everything from Adam’s virtual hug to saving Dublin Zoo.

O’Connell Street by Nicola Pierce. A fascinating exploration of the people, the history, the buildings and the stories behind the main street in our capital city.

Puffling and the Egg by Gerry Daly and Erika McGann. A new, beautifully illustrated adventure story featuring the animals of Skellig Michael.

A Spooktacular Place to Be by Úna Woods. A spooky bus tour around Ireland; we follow the Dublin Vampire as he travels to well-known places all over the country.

O’Brien Press

Irish-made stocking fillers to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘irish-Made Stocking Fillers’

From the man behind The Lonely Beast

comes …Eggcorns.

A world where things are a bit off.

Like real life, only WEIRDER.

Triona Marshall writes:

Have you ever seen a Bumbum bee, or an Elelamp? Award-winning author and illustrator Chris Judge has brought them to life in this hilarious new book Available from your local bookshop or at link below….

Eggcorns by Chris Judge (O’Brien Press)

Irish-made stocking fillers to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish-Made Stocking Fillers’.