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Ronan Murphy writes:

My friend living and playing some ball in Perth received this email from his local GAA club:

Hello fellow Finbarrians

The following message is not only for your perusal, but also one which you can pass on to all your fellow Irish friends here in Perth.

The WA police are extremely unhappy and appalled by the antisocial behaviour which is taking place all too often on the streets and in the pubs across Perth and its suburbs, especially in the Northbridge area [above]. Even Rental Agencies are not as willing to rent properties to Irish people here in Perth, as they are getting destroyed during parties, and being left in terrible conditions once vacated.

We have been advised, that over the next few weeks, the Perth Police will be, at random going around to all of the GAA Clubs and talking to club members, advising them of same. They want to get the message across to all Irish in Perth that what has been going on is just not acceptable, and if it continues there will be consequences. 

Police will be adopting a Zero tolerance policy for any antisocial behaviour. If individuals don’t abide by the law, and take heed of move on notices, their visas WILL firstly be investigated, before court action, meaning that deportation would be the final conclusion. This is the last thing anyone of us or our fellow Irish counterparts here in Perth want. 

This a very serious matter, and I hope that you and your friends will now be aware of the consequences should occurrences with the Police occur. Not something we are encouraging that is for sure.

Please spread the work to your fellow Irish, as this is affecting all of our reputations here not only the people who are causing the trouble.

Many Thanks for reading the above.


Linda H

St. Finbarrs GFC