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Daisy writes:

The wonderful journalist Peter Carvosso, who died earlier this week after being diagnosed with motor neurone disease, wrote this piece back in 2002, about the death of his (first) wife Philippa. How sad that, 15 years later, it seems very little has changed for many patients looking for a bed in A&E.

Chaos In Casualty (Peter Carvosso, Irish Independent, March 2002)

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peterPeter Carvosso

“…My next instalment will be about how you cope when you hear your life will be much shorter than you’d expected. All with the help of the fantastic staff here and my family.

The problem is that I can type with only one finger. But I’m hoping to be able to raise the finger to [Motor Nueron Disease] for a while longer.

For the moment I’m happy that I can still move my arms enough to put them around my wife, squeeze her and pretend for a few moments that nothing is wrong.”

Peter Carvosso writing in last week’s Irish Times about life with motor neuron disease.

Peter, an editor with the Irish Independent, has passed away.

Peter Carvosso Tribute (Strorylab.ie)

Journalism mourns death of ‘fantastic mentor’ Peter Carvosso (Independent.ie)

My Health Experience: ‘I can still move my arms enough to put them round my wife’ (Peter Carvosso, Irish Times)

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