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Today is Ireland’s ‘Poetry Day’

This afternoon.

Three point poetry manifesto

(1) Poetry must at all times be fun. Or at least aspire to be. Fun to write, and fun to share with others. Not earnest fun of the Episcopalians-allowing-themselves-a-second-sherry variety. But the sort of fun which sometimes involves laughing at funerals. Usually your own funeral. We will be dead long enough. Some of us already are.

(2) Every poem is a potential revolution; no real poem is ever a means of the poet getting in with some kind of in-crowd. The out-crowd always have the most fun, and hence are the most poetic. The only crowd a real poet want to get in with are the out-crowd.

(3) No poet who has climbed some way up the ladder towards poetry heaven should ever try and push back down those immediately behind her/him. And no real poet ever kicks the ladder away, having climbed it themselves. No real poet ever retreats into a snob ghetto where they can pretend to be more important than they are. Every poet must be a mentor to someone or be compelled by law to take up some more honourable occupation, such as for example becoming a human trafficker or, worse, a Fine Gael member of the European Parliament, a Lib Dem member of the House of Lords, or a spokesman for the Small Firms Association.

Kevin Higgins

Poetry Ireland



This morning.

Happy Poetry Day.

To you and yours.

Poet Kevin Higgins (top) marks the occasion in a special video made by Galway Public Libraries.