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“I, too, was ordained a Catholic priest. I am now married and actively involved in my local parish as well as in various Catholic reform groups. I, too, am deeply troubled as a result of all the abuse of power, children, women and priests which has happened on our watch in Catholic parishes and homes. I am worried about the official omerta code and ongoing denial. I am ashamed of the mealy-mouthed apologies and no evidence of genuine repentance or purpose of amendment.”

“However, I remain a believer in the fundamental Good News of Jesus and am heartened by the large numbers of good Catholic people of faith, action for justice and loving service. Like many other Catholic people clinging on by their fingernails, I am more than willing to volunteer service in our parishes and local communities. But I am frightened of being compromised into collusion or support for ongoing abuse, inquisition and medieval nonsense. I do not want people to be diverted by the pomp and pageantry of an unreformed Vatican.”

(Electing A New Pope, Irish Times letters)

(Pic: Gloucester Street Magdalenes via Limerick Museum)