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On Sunday (because that’s a day you launch a website), the Residential Property Price Register was unveiled.

Long sought after, it lists every house sale since the start of 2010 with the actual amounts of money handed-over..

But what interested our code monkey Karl was the fact you can download the data and use it for your own purposes.

A few hours down the code mines later and and the snappily-titled Yet Another Searchable Property Price Register was born.

Karl sez:

What this remix of the data has over the couple that have crossed our desks already is that I’ve used some Google Maps witchcraft to figure out the locations of the houses and place them on a map for a more glorious visual of where houses are actually switching hands.

We’ve set it up so when you visit the site it tries to guess your location and show you the closest sales to you. Enjoy.


Do tell us how you get on.