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At a local public square and the site of a former neighborhood swimming pool at Campo de la Cebada in Madrid, anonymous art collective Luzinterruptus – with the assistance of bemused locals – filled 800 extra large condoms with blue-dyed water and tiny lights to simulate raindrops. Luzinterruptus sez:

For a day we worked on the installation, aided by both children and the not so young, who approached attracted by the tempting “balloons” and who ended up happily integrating themselves into a production line in which each was responsible for a part of the process.
The youngest of our helpers thought they were making water balloons that would then serve to throw at each other, the slightly older kids were wondering about the strange shape and were excited about touching them and playing with them trying to make sure they did not slip out of their hands, the adults were laughing mischievously and could not stop themselves from pinching the surface and touching them with pure delight.
After the first few minutes of jokes and laughter had passed, everyone ended up accepting that manipulating condoms was like any other activity of daily life, and that, ultimately, was what we wanted to achieve through all of this.

Needless to say, the local kids eventually turned the whole irresistible water-balloonacy of the thing into performance art.

Which is only as it should be.