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Suzanne, at Rally For Choice  writes:

So tomorrow as we all know is the delightful Rally for Life and so this means our annual counter-demo is here. We’re meeting at 2pm at the Spire [O’Connell Street]. This year it’s all the more important with the arrest of the woman in Northern Ireland for supplying her daughter with abortion pills. For many, including myself, abortion pills were the only option when it came to choosing an abortion. Rally for Life have no business trying to criminalise and stigmatise us further….

Rally For Life Counter Demo (Facebook)

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Rally For Life claim 60,000 people attended today’s demonstration in Dublin.

A ‘road train’ featured as well as an open top bus which was prominent in last week’s Pride march.

A counter demonstration was held on O’Connell Street by Rally For Choice.

Pics via Becca Ryan, Panti, Panti, Workers Solidarity, Kitty Catastrophe, Rabble, Frank Greaney, David O’Daly