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Of the gushing, superlative-laden, relentlessly positive reviews of Yelp contributor Katie-Ann M, Orna Cunningham writes:

Having a look at opening times on Yelp, I found this enthusiastic young woman’s reviews. Some personal favourites are Abrekebabra, the particularly incisive critique of River Island and the description of a bread and butter pudding at Bridge Bar and Bistro. Best thing is, she’s written 285 of these ‘odes to the amazing’.

Elsewhere, Irish Ferries is ‘the best-kept secret in the domain of transportation services operating in and out of Dublin.’

Then there’s Oxfam, King Street D2, where ‘everything oozes a disposition that is a lot more vibrant and full of life than most other outlets owing to the items being of such a palpable ‘exotic’ nature.’

And Penney’s, O’Connell Street. ‘I respect Penneys.’

Read all 285 torrid chapters here.

You may need a little lie down afterwards.