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Dr Alison Lennon tweetz:

“An aerial view of Roche Castle, Dundalk [Co. Louth]. The only medieval castle in Ireland constructed by a woman.”


Via Wikipedia:

After her husband’s sudden death whist travelling in Poitou, France, Rohesia de Verdun moved her lands in Ireland. She immediately set about fortifying the land with a castle. However, her quick tempered reputation deterred all potential architects.
She then offered her hand in marriage (and thereby a share in her wealth) to the man who would build the castle to her liking. Local legend has it, after their wedding banquet in the newly completed castle, she invited her husband to the bridal suite and urged him to view their estate from the large bedroom window. Taking no chances with the castle’s secrets, she promptly pushed her new husband from the window, where he plummeted towards his death


Castle Roche (Wikipedia)