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The Broadsheet Book of Unspecified Things That Look Like Ireland (O’Brien Press), edited by Aidan Coughlan. Now out of print but available on Amazon and other online booksellers

This afternoon.

Via Sadhbh:

‘A chairde,

‘As a long time reader of your site I’m so sorry to see you shut down. I loved the lost bikes, Things That Looked Like Ireland, John Moyne’s Limericks, bringing DOB to task and many more important issues, then I stepped back from online activity and I left the site for a while but returned in 2020.

‘Thanks for being a breath of fresh air and a bastion of truth and a contrast to the narrative. It was very reassuring to know I was not alone. A sad day for journalism indeed.

‘I’ve never commented on the site but learnt so much from all sides of many a debate, and cannot understand my sorry state since you posted it the other day. I have shed many a tear since the news especially when reading this week’s comments. I really hope you can reform bigger and better and as many have already said in the last few days, fupp the begrudgers and the trolls!! I hope to see your next incarnation soon, you are badly needed.

‘Mile buíochas ó bhun mo chroí.

‘Beir Bua agus beannacht,


Pic via Amazon