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Did you go to The Samhain Festival in Loughcrew, Co Meath on Sunday?

Get home OK?

Sean writes:

You might want to check out the responses [link below] from those who went to Sunday’s Samhain festival (click the ‘Posts to Page’ on the left hand side and down a bit):

I was there myself and it’s no lie that at 3am, when the festival ended, thousands of people were crammed into a badly organised queue to pass through ONE gate not 5 feet wide in order to get on the buses home. When we got to the gate ourselves we met some seriously pissed off and nervous looking Gardai who told us they had not been informed or consulted about how to deal with this situation. For three hours people queued, drunk, tired and whatever else in the rain and cold of late October. Thank Christ things didn’t get out of hand.

Other aspects of the festival were seriously shambolic. There was no water on tap, you had to pay. They ran out of mixers at 8pm and beer at 11pm. They ran out of water at some stage too. Myself and my girlfriend found a girl passing out on the dance floor and we brought her to some security, who promptly grabbed her and literally dragged her through the stones and mud, disappearing into some tent. I’ve never seen anything like it.


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