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From Dublin Zoo:

Dublin Zoo is celebrating the birth of a male Californian sea lion pup born early last Tuesday morning (22nd May). The pup, born to mum Seanna, weighs approximately 3kgs. The young pup joins his mother Seanna, his 3 year old sister Flo and another female sea lion Cassie in their habitat.

Californian sea lions are born on land and without the ability to swim so for the first day of his life, the pup’s mother stayed with him on land. On day two, Mum led the pup to water and taught him how to swim. Californian sea lions are fast learners and the pup has become a comfortable swimmer after just a few days. However his mother still keeps a close eye on him when he is in the water.


‘Sealion Splash’ happens at 2.15pm every day. A good time for visitors to come  see the pup splashing about with his family.

Thanks Kelley Cousins