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If there is something of the dependable fisherman about Daithi O’Se then let us have more dependable fisherman. We say.

A few years ago he was a washed-up weather guy telling three spud-boilers about the rain. Tomorrow (our sources tell us) Daithi will become the first male daytime television ‘anchor’, co-hosting a thing with Claire Byrne (hands off, bitch), since Joe O’Shea ran for the exit only three short years ago.

Bilingual since birth (he still does a lot of work for bilingual children), he came of age at a time when Irish speakers were not as despised as they once were. He could walk down the street, converse with other speakers freely and even date girls that didn’t go to Ring. Perhaps little Daithi gave forecasts to his friends. But all that’s speculation.

Tomorrow, destiny awaits.

And we’ll be there to follow it every step of the way, 

And, maybe, pausing to ask: Grainne Who?

Oiche Mhaith Acairde