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Silent Streets.

An ‘augmented reality adventure app’ developed in Ireland, set in Victorian England and coming out on smartphones on June 23.

Demid Tishin writes:

You play a private detective from London who arrives in a grim coastal town of Snowport to investigate a distress call from your old friend.

You find him brutally murdered, and a short visit quickly turns into a full-scale campaign against criminal masterminds, corrupt police and a secret science society….

In-game crime evidence is scattered in your real world surroundings. You discover these objects with your phone camera and tap on them to collect and use in your investigation.

A murder weapon could be lying right on your working desk, just look around.

You physically walk with the phone in your pocket to get around Snowport. The game uses your phone’s accelerometer and GPS sensors to measure how close you are to your game destination.

If you would like to try Silent Streets before it’s out, please install the latest Android build here  or give us your Apple ID and we’ll promptly send you a VIP testing invitation.

Silent Streets

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