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Webmaster and trailer king Karl celebrated Broadsheet’s first birthday yesterday by taking a long hard look at our statistics during the last 12 months and posting his thoughts on his own tech-centred blog.

This is Karl on the most popular browsers used to access Broadsheet.ie:

Firefox rules the roost, with 29.98% of the browser share.  IE follows with 24.70% but Chrome is snapping at its heels with 23%.  Safari lags behind with 15.74% (which would include both desktop and mobile versions).

8.72% of all visitors still came via IE6.  The only glimmer of hope is that this month it’s fallen to 7.88%.  One day, it will be ground into the dust and be forgotten about like a bad dream.  But that day is not today.


A Year In The Broadsheet (Karl Monaghan’s Blog)

Alternative Broadsheet logos via Big Mental Disease