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From top: Starbucks, Thomas Street, Limerick; The spat with Steamboat Music


Starbucks on Thomas Street, Limerick seeking a little of the post-pub live music pie, asked for local musicians to come in and play for the casual audience

But were they willing to pay for their slice of said pie?

Apparently not, looking as they were to “showcase their venue”.

This drew a rise from Steamboat Music, local instrument/record shop, who invited Starbuck’s to “showcase” their coffee for free in their own establishment, before telling them where to go.

A truce had subsequently been made between the two parties, with Steamboat offering to help the local Starbuck’s in their musical affairs, ahead of Steamboat’s post-HMV expansion into records, movies and graphic novels in October, until a customer of Steamboat’s came to them bearing bad tidings…

So we thought we had come to a friendly arrangement with (manager of local) Starbuck’s over his attempt to exploit musicians, but like his employer’s coffee, he’s full of… sugar.

Now they’re back to their exploiting ways, a very young, talented customer of ours was offered a gig for the sweet, sweet nothing of “EXPOSURE”, and we can’t allow that. We started this fight for musicians and by god, we’ll end it.

We’ve decided, just out of pig iron, when we open our new superstore in October, we’re putting in a cafe upstairs with the CDs, DVDs, records & comics, and we’re going to have paid gigs for musicians and free coffee on Saturdays until Christmas.

All discussion, conjecture and side-taking to be had with hashtag #StarbucksvsSteamboat.


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