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Exilesconfirmed for Hard Working Class Heroes

What you may need to know.

01. Hop into your red Ferrari with your girl, and cruise into an unending neon night with Exiles‘ super-polished synth-pop reverie.

02. Hailing from Carlow/Kilkenny, the trio takes direct influence from the full spectrum of eighties pop culture, from Hall & Oates, to the Lethal Weapon II soundtrack.

03. Streaming above is the outfit’s debut single, Red Lights, available now, and the leadoff track for their debut E.P. of the same name.

04. Appearing live at Hard Working Class Heroes fest, October 6-8, in Dublin. For more info, go here.

Verdict: Pristine pop from the South-East, via LA in the ’80s. Grin-inducing stuff.