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OECD report Taxing Wages 2018

This morning.

The OECD has published a report called Taxing Wages 2018.

Fiona Reddan, in The Irish Times, reports:

Single workers with no children are bearing the brunt of Ireland’s personal tax regime, a new study shows. And Ireland’s experience reflects the position across the 35 OECD states where households with children face a lower personal tax burden than those without.

Taxing Wages 2018 measures the so-called tax wedge – the difference between a person’s take home pay and what it costs their employer to employ them.

…The new study shows that one-income families on the average wage (€ 36,358) and with children give up just 1.2 per cent of their income on tax.

…According to the survey, across the OECD, the average single worker paid just over one-quarter of their gross wages in income taxes and social security contributions, a ratio that has remained relatively stable over the last two decades, the OECD said.

Single workers bear the brunt in Ireland’s personal tax system (Fiona Reddan, The Irish Times)

Read the OECD report in full here