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The Public Accounts Committee this morning

This morning.

Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan has told the Public Accounts Committee that she has referred suspicions of fraudulent activity related to the Garda College in Templemore, Co Tipperary – made by Head of Internal Audit Niall Kelly – to the Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission (GSOC).

It follows a verbal briefing made by Mr Kelly to Ms O’Sullivan on Friday, when she requested a written report about the matter. This report was given to Ms O’Sullivan yesterday.


Fianna Fáil TD Marc Mac Sharry (above) repeatedly asked Ms O’Sullivan for the identity of the signatory of an AIB account in Cabra, Dublin.

This account is being investigated by the Garda Internal Audit Section after it found large sums of public money were sent to credit union and bank accounts opened and controlled by gardaí.

Ms O’Sullivan refused to name any signatory or signatories.

Mr Mac Sharry said: “We’re now not entitled to know that because, very conveniently, it was kicked into GSOC yesterday evening and we’re not going to know. It’s on the never never. God knows who’ll be on the Public Accounts Committee when that information comes out?”

In response, Ms O’Sullivan said: “Under no circumstances was this matter referred to GSOC to keep it from the view or the public view of this committee. It was referred to GSOC because that is the appropriate, impartial and objective statutory body that are there to carry out examinations and investigations…”

Watch proceedings live here

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