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This afternoon.

Further to Budget 2020.

The Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht allocated ‘an additional €5 million’ (from €75m to €80m) to the Arts Council, who administer direct funding to Artists and Arts organisations…


“Given the very difficult budgetary environment in the context of Brexit, the Arts Council is pleased with the announcement of €80m in funding for 2020.

This investment will allow the Arts Council to continue its work in supporting artists to develop their practice, enabling organisations to create work of excellence and allowing people across the country have access to high quality arts experiences.

We look forward, once the Brexit uncertainty has been resolved, to continuing discussions with Minister Madigan on increased funding for the arts”.

Chair of the Arts Council, Prof Kevin Rafter (above)


“A €5 million increase to the Arts Council is a diversion – €3.75 million of that is a reallocation of funding already accounted for, the real additional funding figure is €1.25 million.

How much of that is likely to make its way directly to Artists, Musicians, Writers, Dancers, Poets, Theatre Makers, Arts Workers and the Arts community in general?

They create employment, they contribute to our society, they pay their taxes. Many are working two, three part time jobs just to try and keep their heads above water.

All to make Art for our fellow citizens to enjoy, for our Government to amplify what a great place Ireland is to invest in and visit. And this paltry increase is how we recognise their value? It’s a slap in the face.”

Chair of the National Council For The Arts (NCFA) Angela Dorgan (above)

Mixed reaction to Budget 2020 from the arts sector (Irish Times)

Thanks Aillen Galvin