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The Office Block.

A new podcast for finance workers in Ireland.

‘Himself’ writes:

Host Paul Dillon was joined in the studio and over the phone for a free-wheeling discussion that took in topics like mental health and technology in the workplace, how big data is dominating the headlines, GDRP, the Brexit jobs dividend,…

…the fallacy that interns are some special category of worker completely devoid of protection under the law and how Ireland is stuck doing the unglamorous “back office” jobs of the financial sector.

Our guests were academic and self-confessed “subversive in the business school” Deirdre Curran from Galway, solicitor and employment law specialist Richard Grogan, Jack Horgan Jones from the Sunday Business Post and dialing in all the way from Paris was freelance journalist Emma Kennedy.

We’re running a poll about data protection and work on our Facebook page too and hoping to hear from listeners about their experiences with internships in finance.

The Office Block