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The Wednesday Club

Dropping dentures beats for silver ravers.

Big Stu writes:

The best club in Dublin is happening this afternoon, and every Wednesday, at 25 Bolton St, HQ of Friends of the Elderly, Ireland, from 2pm to 4pm. It’s a free live entertainment music centre, music provided by the Bolton St Band (Ireland’s oldest boyband!) and anyone can get up and sing a song.

These entertainment centres are very common across the water in the UK but, so far, this is the only one here in Ireland. It’d be great to see more of them pop up as they really are a force for positivity in the lives of so many elderly people, providing joy, community and something to look forward to every week. If you want to get up or just sit and watch, there is always a welcome for everyone.

For example, recently on October 1st, they celebrated UN Day of the Older Person by staging a world record attempt for outdoor line dancing. They handed out flowers and danced at the GPO in the sunshine, it was a lovely thing.

All in all, the positivity they generate is fantastic. As with any charity, donations are of course always welcome.

P.S. I don’t work for them, I just called in one afternoon and was so impressed I wanted to help out. Something special happens in there every Wednesday.


Friends Of The Elderly Ireland