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You May recall Fine Gael councillor Therese Ridge (above) from the Mahon Tribunal.

Therese, while on Dublin City Council, received £1,000-plus from Frank Dunlop, who was lobbying for the Quarryvale development.

Her support was crucial.

From the Irish Independent, November 2007:

Mr Dunlop explained to the planning probe how he had got “Mother Theresa”, aka FG Cllr Therese Ridge, to sit beside Cllr Peter Brady when the vote was called. Mr Brady’s vote was essential and Ms Ridge, he said, undertook to look after Mr Brady.

Mr Dunlop who was in the public gallery heard her say: “for, Peter, for” when the time came for him to cast his vote. The votes were taken alphabetically and Mr Brady was one of the first to be called.

Mr Dunlop, in his private interviews with the tribunal, revealed that Mr Brady would do absolutely anything Therese Ridge said.

So you may have been surprised to read a small item about Therese (now on South Dublin County Council) in Saturday’s Irish Times.

A Fine Gael councillor named as having received “improper” payments from lobbyist Frank Dunlop in the Mahon tribunal report has been appointed to the executive of the Local Authorities Members’ Association, the representative body for councillors.

In its recent newsletter, the association announced Therese Ridge would replace Fine Gael’s Cait Keane as the representative for South Dublin County Council.


Ain’t life grand?

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