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Last week.

The Mendicity Institution offered to collect people’s Christmas trees for €10 each (above) in order to raise money for their services.

The homeless charity says every tree they recycle will provide ten hot meals.

This weekend, they tweeted:

We’ve dealt with hundreds of enquires and are overwhelmed by the good will this idea has generated. We are booked right through to next Saturday. Some of you will have your tree longer than you’d like just so that you can show your support. A huge thank you to all.

In fairness.

Mendicity Institution


Last Friday.

The Department of Housing released its latest homeless figures which showed there were 10,448 people (6,696 adults and 3,752 children) living in emergency accommodation in the final week of November 2019.

This represents an increase of eight adults and a decrease of 74 children living in emergency accommodation since the final week in October when the figure recorded was 10,514 people (6,688 adults and 3,826 children).

In November 2018, the figure was 9,968; in December 2018, 9,753; in January 2019, 9,987; in February 2019, 10,264; in March 2019, 10,305; in April 2019, 10,378; in May 2019, 10,253; in June 2019, 10,172; in July 2019, 10,275; in August 2019, 10,338; in September 2019, 10,397.

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