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Trees recently cut on the main street in Fethard, Co Tipperary

Your editorial “Tree cutting – Let them stand” expresses dismay at the irresponsible and unnecessary tree-felling epidemic currently laying waste to the countryside.

The same edition also carries a report on the National Transport Authority’s compulsory purchase orders whose implementation will have the effect of mass tree-felling along three of the six proposed new bus corridors, in Rathfarnham, Terenure and Rathgar in Dublin.

This is an act of premeditated – indeed, officially sanctioned – vandalism, whose motive is to generate yet more space for yet more surface traffic which will, in short time, produce yet more congestion, and at the cost of irreparable environmental destruction.

This is blinkered, short-term thinking, and certainly not progress. What price beauty?

Tony Fitzmaurice,
Dublin 6.

Pic: Tipp FM

Trees – let them stand (The Irish Times letters page)