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Don’t fancy a JobBridge?

Try the route to forced labour pathway to work so.

From Joan Burton Minister for Social Protection (above) :

A key element of the Pathways to Work approach is the transformation of social welfare offices into new one-stop-shops in the first half of the year where clients can access their entitlements and get help with planning their return to work. Four will open in King’s Inn, Parnell Street, Dublin; Tallaght, Dublin; Arklow, Co. Wicklow and Sligo by May with a further ten coming on stream by the end of the year.

Customers will be asked to complete a profile questionnaire when they register with these one-stop-shops so that their case worker can assess the Probability of Exit (PEX) from unemployment during the subsequent 12 months and put the right supports in place. This will allow the Department of Social Protection to profile 150,000 customers this year.

Case workers will also hold group interviews with 30,000 customers this year as well as 130,000 one-to-one interviews with those most in need of assistance in returning to employment.

The Department of Social Protection will require people to engage with the Pathways to Work approach. The Department will also review the current rules and strengthen them where necessary to ensure that individuals do engage with Pathways to Work.

Also as part of the Pathways to Work process, claimants will sign a rights and responsibilities contract and commit to a progression plan with the Department of Social Protection.

Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton launches Pathways to Work (Labour)

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)