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USI members: from leftSiona O’Connor, Kieron Pierson, Ruth Doran, Glen Fitzpatrick and Eve O’Connor

The launch today of the  Union of Students in Ireland pre-budget submission at Temple Bar’s Smock Alley Theatre.

The national student movement issued an INVITE  to members of the Oireachtas to “advocate for the improvement of students’ lives”.

USI President Laura Harmon sez:

“Education is too expensive. Too many students and prospective students are worrying about whether they can afford to go to college. The level of the grant as it stands today gives opportunity to the least well-off candidates in the country to attend third level education and develop skills for life. Cutting the grant or shifting the thresholds downwards would certainly price even more students out of education – and that means pricing students out of a future.”

A “national rally for education” will take place in Dublin on October 8.


Pic: Conor McCabe