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The Guardian reports:

A man approaches a bicycle, handheld electric saw at the ready. He powers it on, starts to drill, and is shot in the face with a noxious spray that makes him vomit uncontrollably. This is the dream of the inventors of SkunkLock.

“Basically we were fed up with thefts,” said Daniel Idzkowski (top left) from San Francisco, one of the inventors of SkunkLock.

…With his co-inventor, Yves Perrenoud (top right), Idzkowski created a U-shaped lock of carbon and steel with a hollow chamber to hold one of three pressurized gases of their own concoction, including one called “formula D_1”. When someone cuts about 30% of the way into the lock, Idzkowski said, the gas erupts in the direction of the gash.

“It’s pretty much immediately vomit inducing, causes difficulty breathing,” Idzkowski said. “A lot of similar symptoms to pepper spray.”

Bike lock developed that makes thieves immediately vomit (The Guardian)

Thanks John Gallen and Bertie Blenkinsop


Ah here.

Serbian based animation studio Glossy Rey sez:

…we have stumbled upon a new idea during a morning coffee. With every next sip and smile the story and characters evolved and we found ourselves laughing more and more imagining loony animals puking each other out wanting to become vegetarians.

Short. Simple. Cute. But we’re still eating meat.

More on the making-of here.