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Annie Lafferty (above), who waived her right to anonymity during the prosecution of her father Maurice Lafferty (top). He was jailed yesterday after pleading guilty to raping his teenage daughter on dates between 1 November 2010 and 30 June 2011

Concerned writes:

It really makes me so mad that the Irish Times used a giant photo of the rape victim rather than the rapist. She took the brave decision to waive her anonymity so that her father could be named, shamed and identified as a potential threat to children in the future. Not so that she would be pictured and her image as a victim used. There should be a code of honour amongst journalists that they don’t use the victim’s photo but the rapists in these cases.

‘My cry for help was ignored,’ says woman as her father gets 11 years for regularly raping her (Breakingnews)

Pics: Rollingnews/Collins