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Colm O’Mahoney writes:

I have started a webcomic, with artist Aileen Cudmore. It’s about board games, and boardgaming. We’re both big comic fans, and love boardgames as well. While there are plenty (even a plethora, one might say) of sites that cover board games, providing a wealth of information, there are not that many that treat it with the humour that it deserves. Board games for us, is a sociable and fun hobby; not one to be taken over-seriously.

Tiny Wooden Pieces (updates every Friday)

All over the Russian internets lately, and now translated into English thanks to AFP, writer Sergei Kalenik’s hilarious Super Putin, Man like Any Other is surely a film waiting to happen.

Set in Moscow in spring 2011, “one year before the world ends,” the comic casts Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as a gi-wearing action hero who, assisted by bear suit-wearing sidekick President Dmitry Medvedev, saves a busload of people from a bomb in a storyline that’s equal parts Speed, Night Watch and The Walking Dead. There’s also a little bit of political commentary sprinkled in. “We wanted to stir Russia’s depressing political scene and create some dialogue,” Kalenik tells AFP.

READ IT: Super Putin in English


Grand Poobah of the Irish blogosphere Damien Mulley has a marketing brochure now.

Or is it an hilarious comic starring himself as Willy Wonka?

Nope. It’s a marketing brochure.

Our favourite comment from the comments section: ‘ROFLMAO choo choo’

Ha! Ha! Ha! That’s adorable. Seriously, get up. What’s wrong with you?