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At Electric Picnic.

The Ana Liffey Drug Project will be manning  a 24-hour Welfare Tent in the Jimi Hendrix campsite.

Tony Duffin, CEO of the project, told Matt Cooper on Today FM yesterday:

This is a law enforcement and public health approach, this is something that we do across Ireland all the time, so it is a confidential service.

Obviously, people will come to the tent maybe to get advice about something that a friend may be taking or may be planning to take and they talk to us about that and we talk to them about, you know, it’s safer not to take drugs at all, mmkay okay, first and foremost – that’s the most important message.

And then we work from there in terms of, if they, if a person is intent on taking drugs, then we talk to them about harm reduction and about making sure that they’re safe in their drug use.

I know some people find that difficult to understand but we are working on a  practical basis.”

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Pics: The Ana Liffey Drug Project