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DoleThe Irish Times is reporting this morning that the Government is planning to launch a major campaign over the next few weeks to show people receiving social assistance that they would be better off if they worked.

Carl O’Brien writes:

“Research commissioned by Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton estimates at least 75 per cent of people on welfare could increase their income by about 50 per cent by obtaining a job.”

“Under the “Better off in Work” campaign, thousands of welfare recipients will receive letters showing what their take-home pay would be after tax compared to their benefits.”

“An online tool has also been developed which will allow anyone on welfare or in low-paid employment to compare their take-home pay at a number of salary levels compared with welfare benefits.”

So good of them.

Just 3% of dole recipients ‘better off’ without a job (Carl O’Brien, Irish Times)


Karl writes:
I wonder if the dept. ever saw thisfrom a few years ago….

Job or Dole