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An app that allows you to reconnect with people you met the night before but in all the excitement forgot to get their detaiuls.


Whatifi co-founder Ken Fitzgerald write

We are a Dublin based Events Reconnection Dating App called Whatifi  What we offer is something new in the Dating App space…

We are a next day app. We are the only app that reconnects people that
attended the same events the day after the event.  We actually want people
to go out and enjoy themselves and not have their heads buried in their
mobile phones.

Whatifi remembers all the places you visit on a night out. The next day your
timeline screen refreshes and shows you all the places you visited the
previous day. Users can then tap on a venue they attended and view all the
other users that were there at the same time.

The user timeline screen is completely private to each user. Only fellow
users that attended the same events can contact each other….