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Do you know these men?

Are you one of these men?

Emma Sherry writes:

I’m hoping that with the Irish degrees of separation some of your readers may be able to help me in finding some people. Above is a photo taken in Kuwait in 1959 of my dad (far right) and four of his fellow crew, all working for the long-since liquidated Irish Shipping, a company in the Irish Merchant Navy.

They are (L to R) Tom Joyce (Dublin), Liam Frampton (Waterford), Brian Murphy (Gorey), John (Waterford) and Des Sherry (Dublin). The name of the ship was the ‘Irish Alder‘.

While there are I’m sure more official ways to go about this, for now I thought I’d start here as this is purely a nostalgic exercise. Dad was in the Merchant Navy from 1957 to 1962 and has some great stories. He’s fit and well I’m happy to say. If you do know any of the above, we’d love to hear from you. Email broadsheet@broadsheet.ie and they will pass on your details. At the very least I can send you on a copy of the photo.



Emma writes:

Just to let you know that we’ve found everyone from the photo, all fit and well. Can’t believe it happened so quickly. A proper update to follow once I’ve spoken to everyone….