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Ming Thein, former Chief of Strategy at Hasselblad cameras

Badly hassled.

For too long.

‘…the reasons for my departure are myriad. They mainly come down to a) increasing time demands of my watchmaking venture and family, and b) a difference between the company’s intentions for my role and where I believe I can add value/ what I feel passionate about.

I have spent the better part of the last few years fighting for things users want, need and find useful (thank me for electronic shutters, fast lenses and drone color later).

But it’s been met mostly with internal resistance and a daily assortment of complaints, blames, demands and such from the user community.

Worse, many insinuate that I am personally responsible for whatever grievance that individual has – which almost always could not be further from the truth.

Some even get threatening. Bottom line: it isn’t worth my time or stress levels anymore.’

From a blog entry this week by photographer Ming Thien, recently resigned from Hasselblad cameras.

In fairness.

Moving On (Ming Thien)

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