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Looking for a cheeky, sock-based stocking filler?

Babs writes:

Christmas shopping and silly season is almost upon us. Sew Sparklie would like to help…We do handmade. We deliver country wide. We do hugs and love in a gift! Sock Monkies Lovingly Handmade in [Ashbourne] Co Meath.

Sew Sparklies Sock Puppets

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Handpicked, handmade and eco-handy.

Lost Forest writes:

​Gillian​ Corcoran​ is a jewellery designer and maker specialising in environmentally friendly eco resin. ​She uses her skilled technique to create bespoke handcrafted items of jewellery. Each and every piece encapsulates a small portion of Irish nature;​ such as wildflowers collected from the Irish countryside, feathers and moss found deep within the misty Irish woodlands or seashells gathered along the wild coastlines.

Lost Forest



Mark at the Jam Art Factory writes:

Just thought you’d like these new Olympia Theatre, Whelan’s and Dublin Skyline prints by Dublin artist Donal Mangan. A4 size €18 from our Dublin Irish based design shops and online from JamArtPrints.com. Stick it in your stocking!

Jam Art Prints

Irish made stocking fillers to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish-Made Stocking Fillers’. No fee just a small hug.


We are now accepting Irish-Made Stocking Fillers for Xmas.

If you make things in Ireland that may reasonably fill a stocking of average length we will be happy to feature your wares on the ‘sheet for no fee.

Send brief bio/company background, images and whatnot to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish-Made Stocking Fillers’.

If you wish to give discounts of, say 5-10 per cent off sale price, to ‘sheet readers that’s entirely a matter for you and your conscience.

Boots and crib by Grainne O’Dowd of irish Daisy Gifts



Don’t be board bored this Christmas.

Be Squared,

Karl Cummins writes:

I’ve recently launched an online shop selling a new board game called Squared based on the game ‘Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe’.
The game of Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe went viral last year thanks to the blog “Math with Bad Drawings” and I downloaded an app to start playing it. I found that it has all of the characteristics of a classic strategy board game like chess or draughts; it has simple rules, it’s difficult to master and it’s addictive.
One difference though is that it didn’t have a board game format. It existed initially using pen and paper and then through various smartphone and tablet apps. The game deserved a great format so I set about designing it.
The result is Squared and it would be brilliant if you could tell your readers about it. The board game comes in 3 variants, birch plywood (€36), solid Irish beech (€47) or solid walnut (€53). More info can be found at the link below including a short video showing you how to play and the shop is open and taking orders here


Irish-made stocking fillers marked Irish-Made Stocking Fillers to Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie. No fee just a virtual neck rub.

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Oi oi oi.

Suzanne and Joe write:

We are an Irish husband and wife team who set up Inspire Stone in January 2013. We are based in Firhouse and run our craft business from our dining room table…Suzanne being the inspire part and Joe the stone part. Suzanne for her love of uplifting inspirational writers, quotes, etc. and Joe because he is 6th generation stone mason.

Due to the recession Joe’s stone masonry business had to fold because of the lack of work and in order to pay the bills he has been working as a courier for the past few years. Whilst walking in our local park St Enda’s we were looking at the folly Ogham Stone there and thought what a wonderful Celtic script and from there we began including Ogham script for inspirational words…

We have a range of perfect stocking fillers and gifts at our website [link below]…Thank you

Inspire Stone 

Irish Made Stocking Fillers to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish Made Stocking Fillers’. No fee just a quick hug.


The first of the yule season 2014

Irish-made stocking filler from dad and daughter beekeepers.

Céir Bare writes:

My father and I are beekeepers. He sorts out the honey and I make beautiful body butters and lip balms from the wax that our own bees produce in East Cork.  There are two body butters (currently) Lime and Black Pepper & Bergamot and Patchouli. They’re a little different than the usual flowery sorts. Available in 100g & 200g (€8 & €10) so perfect for the Xmas stocking!. Facebook (link below) has more details on the products., Email me at ceirbare@gmail.com. Happy to take orders in Ireland and the UK

Céir Bare (Facebook)

Irish Made stocking fillers to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish Made Stocking Fillers’. No fee, all filler.