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Music writer Mike McGrath-Bryan (above).

Not just a buffed-up, mid-career Elvis Costello lookalike.

He’s claimed a coveted beanbag desk in Karl’s den. the Broadsheet office.

Mike writes:

I’m the new music writer for Broadsheet, handling the site’s daily ‘You May Like This’ column, talking about festivals, and generally keeping an eye on developments in independent Irish music.

When not scribbling about tunes [ for The Thin Air and others] and being one of those “mature” students, I’m involved in the Cork music community as a DIY promoter, disc-jock and occasional jamming/improv musician, as well as presenting and producing shows for community online radio station Room101.

“I also help run a newly-established night in the Friary in Cork called STRICT. Indie, electronic, hip-hop, ska/reggae, funk, and whatever else, old and new. Free in, plus the venue’s usual selection of craft beers, boardgames and other cool stuff.”

Yes, I’ve seen your comments. Yes, I am working on toning the writing style down.

Indie lovely?


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