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Keeley – The Glitter And The Glue

“The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.”

This quote from Cicero is found at the start of the video for the recent single by Keeley Moss (top)

The Dublin-based psychedelic dreampop artist is set to release a concept album about Inga Maria Hauser on the UK indie label Dimple Discs, with whom she has just signed a deal.

Inga was a German teenager who was murdered on holiday in Northern Ireland in 1988 and whose killers have never been brought to justice.

Keeley is also the author of a popular blog whose mission statement is to keep the memory of Inga alive. She deserves great credit for her Trojan work in shining a light on this heartbreaking human tragedy.

Keeley’s band includes Marty Canavan, Martin Fagan and Pete Duff. The Glitter And The Glue is the follow-up to last year’s single Last Words.

Nick says: Magic and loss.


Brigid Mae Power – Head Above The Water

Let’s move to the country.

Gorgeous images of the wild western Irish landscape light up the video for the title track of Brigid Mae Power‘s excellent album on Fire Records.

The film was shot by Brigid (top) and Jonny Sanders aka Prehuman and “uses effects that replicate the cyanotype photo printing process”.

Brigid says:

“I shot some footage of the surrounding landscape where I live, feeling very drawn to filming the water and damp boglands around me.”

Nick says: Mae the roads rise with you.

Brigid Mae Power

Adrian Crowley – Northbound Stowaway

Don’t pay the ferryman.

A former winner of the Choice Music Prize, Adrian Crowley (top) is back with a new album The Watchful Eye Of The Stars, produced by longtime PJ Harvey collaborator John Parish.

The eye-catching video was directed by Adrian and Niall McCall.

Nick says: Not waving but hiding.

Adrian Crowley

Johnny Brady & Caitriona O’Sullivan – This Country Girl

Move over, Garth & Trisha, there’s a new country power ballad couple in town.

Antrim’s Johnny Brady met Kerry’s Caitriona O’Sullivan on the set of the TG4 music programme Glor Tire and a thriving songwriting partnership was born.

The scenic video was shot in Dingle.

Nick says: I’m gonna try for The Kingdom.

Johnny Brady

Caitriona O’Sullivan

The Elements – (V).I.N.Y.L

“This is not a song; it’s a prophecy.”

Feeling nostalgic for 1990s-style rap-metal?

Then you’re in for a treat: Dublin hip-hop blasters The Elements rage against the machine with their new single which features the crew NdLZ (Neill Whelan), Ricki and Adam and guest Harry Phipps on turntables.

Listen closely for a Status Quo sample!

The video was directed by Colin Fleming.

Nick says: The Vinyl solution.

The Elements

Dave Thomas O’Gorman – With No Control

A peaceful easy feeling.

The smoothest songsmith in the room, Dave Thomas O’Gorman (top) returns with a new single that glistens with a spacious and warm production.

A graduate of Trinity College’s Music and Media Technologies course, Dave is making waves with his classic songwriting chops.

Nick says: All the right chords.

Dave Thomas O’Gorman

Owen Denvir – My World

Breaking up is hard to do.

Belfast-born crooner Owen Denvir (top) delivers a stoic and deeply soulful meditation on love, life and loss on his new single, lifted from his forthcoming EP Bones, due next month.

The EP is the third in a trilogy which will then make up an album.

Owen says:

“The album and EP trilogy idea is based on Sigmund Freud’s theory that personality is a sum of 3 parts: the Id (acting on raw impulse), the Ego (being terrified of consequences) and the Superego (the balance between the two). The first EP (“Sticks”) deals with loss and delusion and the impulsive decisions we make while in the spell of ‘love’. The second (“Stones”) being a more confident but brash take on love, and finally the last EP (“Bones”) is when you have the balance between the two, which mostly leads to more healthy relationships.”

Owen has also created a “web app as a visual listening platform” for fans to gain a deeper insight into the creative process behind the EP.

Nick says: A lover sings.

Owen Denvir

Fears – Fabric

Cheers for Fears.

The breakout indietronica artist of the year is undoubtedly Fears aka Constance Keane (top) who has just released a lyric video for the third single from her debut album Oiche, due on May 7.

Fears (top) writes:

“‘Fabric’ is about trying to escape someone or something that will not give you room to breathe. I tried to capture the feeling of desperately trying to rebuild yourself and your life, while something will not let you go. It’s a song about feeling exhausted and trapped, but still determined to succeed.”

Fears recently performed a virtual concert as part of the estimable Music Town festival which can be viewed on the festival’s YouTube channel.

Nick says: The best Fears of our lives.


NEOMADiC featuring Shiv – Waves

Flow, river, flow.

A slinky little number for night owls, the new single by NEOMADiC (top) and guest vocalist Shiv is all mellowed out.

A new EP After Dark follows in the summer.

The press blurb writes:

“NEOMADiC are representative of a new Irish generation, kids of multicultural heritage drawing inspiration from their experiences and beyond. Dyramid is Irish and South Sudanese, and Yake Loga is Irish and Zimbabwean.”

Shiv, meanwhile, was born in Zimbabwe and raised in County Kildare.

Nick says: NEOMADiC for the people.