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Nicha – Devices

Log out, turn off, step back.

That’s the message of the debut single by Nicha (top), a 22-year-old singer/songwriter from Holywood, County Down.

A commentary on the negative aspects of social media and our growing obsession with our smartphones, Nicha takes inspiration from the likes of Moloko and Bonobo.

Nick says: The star of the County Down.


Clodagh – You Got Me

Ready to jump on the soulful pop train?

Born in Rhode Island, USA, but long a native of Macroom, County Cork, Clodagh’s new single is a polished gem with an arty lyric video by Tara Murphy.

Clodagh (top) says:

“You Got Me is about growing as a person and the struggle that can present when you have to let people go in life, that feeling of people being infatuated by a person that you shouldn’t and resisting temptations.”

Nick says: Macroom at the top.


BECAH – Forget

Breaking up is hard to do.

That’s the message of the new single by BECAH, a promising young singer/songwriter from Lurgan, County Armagh.

BECAH says:

“Forget’ tells the story of a messy break-up. It reflects on how one person in the relationship can be left still loving the other, whilst having to accept its bitter end and making that difficult return back to the strangers you once were.”

Nick says: A Northern star is born.


My Sweet Beloved – The Invitation

Who could refuse an offer like this?

Former Skindive singer Danielle Harrison Byrne (top) rises like a phoenix from the flames with her new band My Sweet Beloved.

Alongside band members Derek Byrne, Anton Hegarty and Dan Devlin, Danielle creates a haunting soundscape that grips the listener from the first note on this first single from their forthcoming self-titled album.

The atmospheric nocturnal video is by Laura Sheeran and Danielle.

Nick says: Invitation accepted.

My Sweet Beloved

Kooskoos – Connie


This heartfelt requiem for a dear departed pooch may bring a tear to your eye.

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Topher Joe and guitarist Jordie Sunshine remember the much missed golden retriever with a rousing anthem and a poignant video to match.

Nick says: Paws for thought.


Quinn – Trespasser

How to ward off intrusive, negative thoughts.

That’s the theme of Belfast songsmith Quinn’s memorable debut single which wraps an important message in a naggingly catchy melody.

Quinn  (top) says:

“Trespasser aims to be a hard-hitting message about mental health. If you have negative thoughts that trespass on self-image, self-esteem or everyday life, do not listen to those trespassing thoughts!”

Nick says: You ain’t heard nothing like the mighty Quinn.


Jack Devlin – Summer

“Are you ready for summer?” asks County Down singer/songwriter Jack Devlin (top) on his debut single.

With echoes of Jeff Buckley and Paolo Nutini, the 21-year-old can certainly hit the high notes.

Jack says:

“This song is about how life carries you through the years, how things within life evolve, drafting moments and memories from past summers and admiring the future in those moments of euphoria.”

Nick says: Seasoned.

Jack Devlin

CeeV – Lonely Night

Trouble sleeping?

CeeV aka Caoimhe McAleavey (top) knows exactly how you feel.

The singer/songwriter from Newry, County Down, is a graduate of Manchester’s BIMM school.

She says:

“The song’s about sleeplessness, overthinking, nights out, basically tired eyes but a racing mind.”

Nick says: Insomnia blues.


CMAT – Rodney

What a video.

Multitasking Meath pop protege Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson (ex The Bad Sea) has great fun dressing up in character for her catchy new single – and she produced and directed the promo too.

The ‘Rodney’ in the title is the late American comedian Rodney ‘No Respect’ Dangerfield (top left).

Nick says: A+ for CMAT.