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Keeley – Never O’Clock

Requiem for a dream.

So after four years curating this corner of Broadsheet celebrating the best new Irish music, it is fitting that we should sign off with the inimitable Keeley (top), who recently released the latest video in her project to keep the memory of Inga Maria Hauser alive.

A German teenager who disappeared when on a holiday in Northern Ireland in the 1980s, Inga is now immortalised in song thanks to the dedication and determination of this groundbreaking Dublin singer.

Keeley’s new EP is out now on Dimple Discs.

Read her blog here

Nick says: Go Keeley!


Paul Woodfull – Now You Just Text All The Time


Legendary musical satirist Paul Woodfull (top) delivers a bittersweet lament that perfectly captures how our modern tech gizmos can really mess with our love lives.

It’s the first of two new singles Paul has released this week: check out too Offhand Way.

Nick says: Let’s talk about texts, baby.

Paul Woodfull

Carrie Baxter – You

Keep calm and Carrie on.

London-based Waterford chanteuse Carrie Baxter (top) enchants with a live studio performance of her soul-searching romantic ballad You.

Carrie writes:

“If I could do an alternate version of every track I would, specifically just me and a pianist (my favourite instrument). There’s something about the romance of this song and it needing a piano on this version. The space I have to sing and the words being allowed to breathe is the stuff I live for.

“I love singing live, ultimately it’s what I do it for. I usually try to stick to minimal takes in the studio at all times but this time, luckily or unluckily I was going through a pretty tough time when we recorded this so I trusted myself enough to deliver raw emotion in one take.”

Nick says: Carrie on singing.

Carrie Baxter

Lowli – Epiphany

Ivory power.

It may be the end of the world as we know it, but at least we have Galway’s Lowli aka Roisin Lowry (top) to soften the blow with her elegant and graceful piano pieces.

Here the neo-classical composer is joined by Aisling Bridgeman (violin); Mary Bridgeman (viola); and Rob Campbell (cello) in a performance recorded in Camden Studios, Dublin by Dock Visual.

Nick says: Keys in the songs of life.


Etaoin – Cold Blood

Your cheating heart.

London-born Irish newcomer Etaoin (top) pulls no punches confronting a guy with wandering eye.

See also her new collaboration with Tadhg Daly, Not Over You, out now on MADE Records.

Etaoin writes:

“It’s about the different perspectives that come with break ups. Saying you shouldn’t talk but still getting a rush when they call you and picking up regardless. Getting yourself in sticky situationships for no other reason than you’re a blind optimist. It’s about words left unsaid and how sometimes the hardest break ups are the ones where there’s still a huge amount of love there, it just wasn’t strong enough to keep you together.”

Nick says: Breaking up is hard to do.


Tracy Gallagher – Caves

The hit man and her.

Mayo singer/songwriter Tracy Gallagher (top) evokes vintage Portishead vibes on her atmospheric new single, recorded in Belfast with Michael Mormecha.

But check out the darkly charismatic video shot in County Antrim by Dan Dan Media and starring Michael McGarry.

Tracy writes:

“Caves is inspired by the work of Joseph Campbell, American professor of Literature and well known mythologist, credited by George Lucas as having inspired Star Wars. While reading his book ‘The Hero With A Thousand Faces’, I became enamoured with the idea of each individual being the hero in their own story and the trials and tribulations each of us have to face and overcome throughout our human experience in order to grow and develop as human beings.

“Caves explores the relationship we have to the natural world and simultaneously to the inner self, it is a look at the wild, powerful and sometimes frightening aspects of nature that can act as a metaphor for the unexplored parts of our inner worlds. The wildness of the ‘seven seas’ and the dark unknown of the ‘cave’ represent our innermost fears, that which we try to keep hidden from ourselves and the world at large but this is also the place where the deepest treasures and revelations lie, where personal growth and development happens.”

Nick says: The darling buds of Mayo.

Tracy Gallagher

Sorcha Richardson – Archie

Teenage dreams so hard to beat.

Stellar Dublin singer Sorcha Richardson (top) returns with a taster for her new album, the follow-up to First Prize Bravery.

Sorcha writes:

“Archie is a song about teenage hopes and dreams and about losing touch with the people who you once shared them with. I wrote the earliest version of it at a writing camp in the Spring of 2021 with some of my favourite Irish songwriters.

“We recorded it at The Clinic in Dublin with my band mates Joe Furlong, Cian Hanley and Jake Curran and it’s quickly become my favourite song to play live. As lame as it sounds, It makes me feel like I’m living out my teenage dreams when we play it. I think that’s one of the greatest feelings you can have.”

The video is directed by James Baldwin and stars Adam Lunnon Collery and Conor Fitzpatrick.

Nick says: Becoming more like Archie.

Sorcha Richardson

Axis Of – Bella Pacifica

Oceans apart.

Northern guitar gods Axis Of have released one of the finest alt.rock albums of the year.

The title track imagines the big yearning soundscapes of Built To Spill reverberating through the scenic landscapes of remote Scottish islands and the Wild Atlantic Way.

Bella Pacifica is Axis Of’s third album, following on from Finding St.Kilda and The Mid Brae Inn – which were released on the Smalltown America Label.

This album will be released in Ireland, the UK and Europe via No Dancing Records and will be pressed on eco-mix vinyl, using surplus vinyl in the manufacturing process to help reduce its impact on the environment.

Axis Of is Niall Lawlor (guitar, vocals), Ewen Friers (bass, vocals) and Ethan Harman (drums); friends raised on Ireland’s north coast, between the tourist towns of Portstewart, Portrush and Portballintrae.

Niall writes:

“It has sad songs…but it is hopeful that there can be good times again.”

Nick says: Axis: bold as love.

Axis Of

Sive – Beira

Sive talking.

Kildare songstress Sive (aka Sadhbh O’Sullivan) takes us on a deep enchanted journey on her new album We Begin in Darkness, out now on Veta Records.

Sive writes:

“These 11 songs lean into themes of place, death, judgement, anxiety, mythology, and what it is to live in a human body. I hope they’ll carry you on an expedition through a cycle of inner seasons, casting light into all of the dark corners along the way.”

Sive is also the co-founder of Embrace Music, a collective of “musicians and arts in health specialists on a mission to share opportunities for embracing music, movement and other artforms.”

Nick says: O’Sullivan’s travels.