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“No, I don’t favour same sex marriage. We were the first party down here to produce a document on civil unions and registration of civil unions , and to deal with tax and hereditary property and all of that – that’s as far as we went.”

Enda Kenny, in today’s Irish Daily Mail


Johnny Depp voices lovable, spaced out rogue. Hi-jinks sure to ensue.

Release Date (Ireland): March 4 (this Friday)

Californian portrait artist and sculptor, Andrew Myers is a patient man.

He draws out a face and pre-drills 8,000 to 10,000 holes, by hand. As he drills in the screws, Myers doesn’t rely on any computer software to guide him, he figures it out as he goes along. “For me, I consider this a traditional sculpture and all my screws are at different depths,” he says.

One of the most challenging parts is getting rid of the flat drawing underneath because he then has to paint over each of the screw heads, individually, so that in the end, the sculpture looks like an actual portrait.

Thousands of Screws Make a 3D Portrait (15 pics) (MyModern Met)

Oblivious to the political sea-change occuring all around them, Georgia Salpa and Vogue Williams promote “Celtic Horizon tours announcement of its partnership with EagleRider, the biggest motorcycle tourism organiser in the world” this morning. Helping to provide red top sub-editors with a throbbing tankload of bike-related puns and single entendres. Yes, they prefer to ride without a helmet. You can have that for free.

(Photocall Ireland)