Westlife: Brought To You By Kiddie Cigs


This was all over Liveline.

The Irish Cancer Society sez:

Teen-friendly popular Irish boy band Westlife are playing a tobacco sponsored concert in Indonesia on 5 October. The brand is Clas Mild, designed with young people as the target market. Westlife do some amazing work to support young people and cancer charities, among others. Please ask them to say no to tobacco sponsorship www.facebook.com/Westlife or on Twitter @westlifemusic @kianeganwl @markusfeehily @nickybyrneoffic @ShaneFilan79

Better get spinning Louis.


14 thoughts on “Westlife: Brought To You By Kiddie Cigs

  1. shame

    westlife should make a statement, they have plenty cash… do they need philip morris’s money as well – pitching fags to 11 year olds

  2. Richard Chapman

    Is there any actual evidence for the cigarette sponsorship of the gig, other than this poster? The brand or its owner are not listed by the promoters as official sponsors. I would be the first to condemn someone for taking tobacco blood money, but I don’t want to accuse the innocent.

  3. Marc W.

    Is it likely that they themselves don’t actually know who is sponsoring all of their gigs and some administration/management type organising stuff in Indonesia didnt even know Mild Clas or whatever are a tobacco…. just saying…

  4. Bimvee Metran

    I don’t understand. Is this true? I don’t think westlife gonna do this. I am their fan since I was 3 years old until now that I am 12 years old, yet I don’t believe. They can’t do this specially when they know that they are “TEEN-FRIENDLY BAND” . I love them. And I believe them. If mark said that it’s not true, then it’s not. Closed!

  5. strix1

    I doubt Westlife had much choice, they are only performing there to meet their fans, and it appears that most of the large venues there are sponsored by tobacco & alcohol companies…leave them alone…if they were to not perform there are 100’s of other acts that would perform there…they would never endorse the company…it’s about the fans…although a public statement would be positive thing!

  6. ally

    Yes, let’s all believe a blurry picture that looks as if it was taken in a moving car. How gullable can anyone get? The lads support cancer research, have teen fans, have absolutely no say over what sponsers their gigs. This was posted in the Irish star (worst paper in the world btw) Get some effing backbone and stop believing the journo’s!

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