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N15036336892846.jpgtweetsFergus Finlay (Top) and recent tweeatge (above).

Counter productive.

Or counter intuitive?

YOU decide.

Judith Goldberger writes:

So Fergus Finlay admits the billboards for his Diageo funded ‘Out Of Control Drinking’ campaign were created by UK based Goddard Global, the same guys who lobby for the tobacco industry. Nice industry to be hanging out with given they are threatening to sue the Irish government.

Then again, maybe they’re the right people to be hanging with as after all the tobacco industry know all about designing intentionally ineffective adverts which create the illusion of responsibility but are either counter-productive or go towards actually promoting their product.


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No more roll-ups?

No more ‘More’?

Taoiseach Enda Kenny received a delegation of senior tobacco industry figures in Government Buildings a fortnight ago, the first time any taoiseach has held formal talks with the industry. The industry figures also called on the Government to reject proposals in a draft EU tobacco directive to ban menthol and roll-your-own products. They also want the Government to reject measures in the draft directive on standardised and plain packaging.


Taoiseach conducts formal talks with tobacco industry (Arthur Beesley, Irish Times)

(Laura Hutton / Photocall ireland)

This was all over Liveline.

The Irish Cancer Society sez:

Teen-friendly popular Irish boy band Westlife are playing a tobacco sponsored concert in Indonesia on 5 October. The brand is Clas Mild, designed with young people as the target market. Westlife do some amazing work to support young people and cancer charities, among others. Please ask them to say no to tobacco sponsorship www.facebook.com/Westlife or on Twitter @westlifemusic @kianeganwl @markusfeehily @nickybyrneoffic @ShaneFilan79

Better get spinning Louis.