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The ‘dancing ghost’ pareidolia of the dark nebula SH2-136. It’s like this all the time apparently.


Astronomy Picture Of The Day (NASA)


“Contrary to reports, last night Michael D. was in fact not resting after the successful conclusion to a long campaign, but chose instead to party it up with the youth of Eire in Ranelagh… until the squee hours of the morning.”

(Thanks Cian)

A flamed-out Sean Gallagher (including squint, thick tie and brown envelope) at a fancy dress party in the Workman’s Club in Temple Bar last night.

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Back in December 2010, right wing US talk radio host and Right Hook regular Michael Graham shoutily engaged the current President Elect on matters international at Newstalk’s Galway studio

He did not know with whom he was fecking.


(Hat tip: Michael Pidgeon)

Game Of Thrones fan Garden Shed (possibly not his/her real name) offers:

An upside down map of southern Westeros that looks suspiciously like a map of Ireland…

The Unspecified Thing That Looks Like Ireland: