Scenes From An Eviction


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  1. Steph

    A woman and two kids made homeless over €2500? Christ, that’s shameful. How much money did Richie Boucher make this year?

    1. Baz

      If I move into a house and never pay rent for 9 months that’s fine now? Someone has to pay for these houses and I’m sick of it being the rest of us! She is self awarding herself a free house from the state and expects sympathy from the taxpayer? I would have dragged her through the window!

      1. Rumpleforeskin

        Yes, I think you’re right. Personally I would have murdered her and eaten her children.

        What’s wrong with you?

  2. Nicola Carroll

    “Do you realize cannabis cures cancer?”

    Once I heard that being spouted from her mouth I knew straight away she was a hippy protester.

    Nice sentimental music too, almost makes it as emo as the KONY 2012 video.

    1. Pidge

      Her having weird views about that sort of thing doesn’t make a difference about whether she should be kicked out of the house. I’d be interested to hear the story about this.

    2. Manic Miner

      And she says it to the background music of Bob Marley, the biggest stoner in history, who died of cancer…..

  3. Pidge

    Poor woman.

    Tough to know the whole story here, though, especially given the whole “cannabis cures cancer” at 10:28.

    1. Holly

      The reason for that apparently random remark is that the wife of one of the men attempting to evict her died of cancer 4 years ago.

      From her comment, it looks like the “heroine” of the above video knew this.

      God only knows her reason for saying it. Perhaps she is a dealer / user and in her mind was probably offering the man a “solution”

      People like this give drugs a bad name….

      1. robocan

        if that’s true she’s just lost any sympathy. Saying that to a widower is just plain cruel. It’s indefensible.

  4. Holly

    The problem with this sort of thing on the internet is that it becomes personality contest based on just 21 mins+ out of her life.

    If she is horrible, she is in the wrong
    If the kids are cute and winsome, the creditors are in the wrong
    If the creditors are heavy handed, they are in the wrong
    If she is as mad as a chocolate teapot of double ended spanners, she is in the wrong

    Just because she thinks that letting her stay on in the house is a better solution than because there are “empty houses rotting for want of occupants” does not mean that should be what happens. Why don’t we all refuse to pay rent for a year then if that will be the result?

    The whole story is not told in this video but there is more context here:

    It is the kids I feel sorry for. I hope they have somewhere warm, comfortable and safe to sleep tonight.

    1. ab

      +1 for the comment about the kids.

      Whatever about the rights and the wrongs of the behavior of the Mother and the State that enables people to have a “gimme money not responsibility” attitude, it is not right that the kids are left bereft at the end of the day.

  5. Joens

    It is an absolute masterstroke to have the music obscuring what the principal characters are saying.

    1. Jim

      “Characters”?!? That comment proves how disconnected some people are to what’s going on in this country. These are real vulnerable people who haven’t committed any criminal offence yet the Gardai have entered her home and physically removed her. Open your eyes to REALITY, this isn’t fiction, it’s an injustice.

      1. Wayne Carr

        That doesn’t answer the point about the carefully placed music. In fact, it seems as though you’ve decided to attempt to play the ‘she’s a human being, give her back her dignity’ card. You could easily have been the lead character in this video!

    1. hoopla

      most illegal drugs start out as naturally occurring plants … the problem is they do not end up that way.

      1. kleenex

        That’s true, but most need a chemical process (like heroin…created by bayer, invetors of asprin also) cannabis is picked dried and smoked. Try googling this stuff before you post a misinformed comment based on propaganda that you swallowed up like an innocent child told the racist views of his parents without any questioning.

        1. Agriolouloudo

          Hippocrates conceptualised asprin (willow bark, I think)… he was a 5th C. B.C Greek physician. Hence, Hyppocratic oath.

        2. ab

          If I can interject, as a chemist, I know for a fact that the list of plant based artifacts that have a drug like effect on the body without the need for a chemical process are far longer than those that do not.

          Needing chemical intervention to turn them into a drug:
          Opiates and derivatives of cocoa (4 major strands – 12 if you want to go the sub-species argument route)

          Not needing chemical intervention to turn them into a drug:
          Grass (sub-species left to go to seed in the wild)
          Salvia Divinorum
          hops (humulus lupulus)
          indian warrior (Pedicularis densiflora
          (Not to mention in detail any of the various mixes and sub-species)

          So how about you try an education rather than relying on “Googling” for your information which is wrong and uninformed.

          1. hoopla

            does it result in you suffering from delusions that you have the option to not pay your rent should it so suit you or declaring to people that coco can cure cancer?

            if so, you may need some help mate. sorry to break it to you.

        3. Potbo

          Heroin was created by bayer?!! – fair dues to them! /snort (that would be the sarcasm btw)
          So google is the source of all truth and knowledge now? Good job no-one lies or makes up things on the internet to suit their own agenda or you would be talking through your ar…
          I am so old I remember when it was the World Book Encyclopedia. How times change.

          I am fascinated to know how you gleamed anyone’s parents here are racist. Just because my Grandad covered the basement rooms in swas-tikers ect ect.

    2. Anthony

      You do know that, for instance, coffee and alcohol are drugs?

      And what does it matter if it’s “natural” anyway?

  6. Holly

    She moans on Twitter about having no dole money and 2 sick kids. This was posted via iPhone.

    Live Mic ‏ @Live_Mic
    2 sick kids.. And of course no dole payment!!! Lovely!! Thank you Irish scum STATE!!!!!
    from Wicklow, Wicklow
    7:15 AM – 16 Feb 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details

    This women must eat irony-enriched cereal for her breakfast.

    1. sinabhfuil

      I have an iPhone, a 3GS. Bought it for €49 as an upgrade four years ago. Having an iPhone doesn’t make you a millionaire.

      1. fosull

        That’s a significant achievement, considering the iPhone 3GS was only released in June 2009!

  7. ab

    A quick look at the Twivver account of the bloke wot tweeted it …. shows the post has been deleted.


    How awful that on top of the injustice of not allowing this woman to have a house for free, we’re not providing her a replacement house for free?! Tsk tsk, it’s almost like we’re expecting her to at least in part provide for herself…

  9. terry

    People like her think they can get away without paying rent. What about the person who owns the property. Too many doo gooders sticking up for the likes of her. Makes me sick

  10. ab

    What’s an epedic?

    I need to know what this means before I can join in with your outraged moral indignation at the proportion of Dublin “girls” doing this sort of thing. (BTW – Is it only girls or do women and men do it too? )

    Do we just need to be bringing the “justified” hatin’ n’ rantin’ down on the all Irish girls (the scallywags) from now on?

    You sound like you are taking the whole thing very personally Tom.

  11. Miles O'Tool

    She seems to be having the classic “Rights Vs Responsibilities” dilemma

    Would like the State to provide income, housing and protection but doesn’t want to obey the regular rules of society.

    Good luck with that!

    1. ab

      I think of all the comment here, you probably have it the most spot on.

      Unfortunately. (I mean it is an unfortunate situation for the innocents rather than the idiots that are involved)

  12. Eamonn Clancy

    Cannabis cures cancer? Bob Marley will love to hear that, oh wait, didn’t he die of cancer 30 years ago?

    1. Holly

      Yes, death brought his cancer to an end. Not the cannabis. Sad, shocking, true, irrefutable and based in fact.

      Unlike most of the “its good for you..”, “it cures…”, “it reduces…”, “it alleviates…”, “it makes it better…” nonsense sprouted by cannabis users.

      If you are going to use a drug, be it coffee, whiskey, cannabis, *whatever*, please just use it, that is your business. However, please do not insult my intelligence by telling me that it is good for me just to justify your bad habits.

      1. rapmachine no diggidy no doubt

        nonsense? then why are so many goverments allowing it to be used for medicinal purposes?

        1. Holly

          What governments? Name them. Name the respected studies they sponsored. Where are their conclusions published?

          No-where because this is the more of the self-serving horsecr4p pseudo-science that addicts preach to justify their habit.

  13. Ned

    I thought leaving a copy of the constitution hanging outside your door had the same affect on bailiffs as garlic on vampires? Have we been misinformed?

    1. Wayne Carr

      + 1. This guy is clearly the chung wit, the bif boff and perhaps even the puff pastry hangman

      1. squidward

        ‘Bob Marley, the biggest stoner in history..’

        Did you get this information from a t-shirt?

  14. paddy g

    earlier my friend left a comment from my comp having said how he knew this woman etc…why on earth would you choose not to put it up??? If you allow her this latitude of putting up her version of the story why are you unwilling to put up a comment left by obviously the only person willing to admit to knowing her?

    1. robocan

      Because they’re scared of being sued? I’m assuming that broadsheet can’t stand over any comments which aren’t based on the content of the video.

  15. medevac86

    Maybe if she paid her rent/mortgage rather than buying a video camera she wouldn’t have been evicted.

  16. hoopla

    ok, so she has not paid rent in a year even though she was provided with rent allowance to do so by the state (see youtube vids)

    ok she has a some unusual beliefs about the worth of cannabis (as mentioned above)

    ok, she accepts the dole while describing the state and the people in it in derogatory terms

    ok, she has 2 school-age children to support

    but she gets rent allowance to help her pay that rent and dole money to live on (as her Twitter comments above show)

    but she has the time to set up and run her own website where she reviews various gigs that she has the time (and presumably, money) to go to:

    but she has the time to write and market a book via youtube and her website

    but she has the time to organise a trip to Uganda to share her ‘principles’ with the unfortunate people there: (btw she invites you to make contributions to this worthy cause here:

    …. so why not take some of the time that she devotes to pot, to writing, to online activities and devote it to looking for a job while her children are in school? i know things are tight but there must be something she can do to raise the extra €39 per month to keep a roof over the kids heads.

    i mean, that is what any normal parent would do, wouldn’t they? it’s kinda their responsibility.

    1. shane


      Couldn’t possibly agree more.
      Time to clamp down on these free loaders and their ever-increasing sense of entitlement.

      Anyone who straight-up refuses to contribute towards the cost of keeping a roof off their own heads, even when they’re in receipt of benefits specifically for that purpose, should rightfully be evicted. Let her sleep on the streets, and take the kids off her if she is unable to provide for them because she simply refuses to do a day’s work.

      1. droctopus

        theres no great problem here, the state can move her into one of the many defunct properties it now owns and pay her rent allowance to itself, if the poor little state is so worried.

        1. Potbo

          yeah, except that would be rewarding feckless, lazy, pot-head, irresponsible wasters….

          and the country is f***ed enough as it is without turning into a pot getto to boot

  17. rapmachine no diggidy no doubt

    A woman gets evicted from her house after trying umpteen times to make payments and amends. Shameful to say the least.

    1. hoopla

      really, how is deciding for herself that instead of €38 per month, she is only “willing” to pay €9 per month for her rent attempting to make payments?

      a decision taken, by her own admission, without the sanction of the court. this is because she does not “believe” in the Western justice system.
      (see the vid here made by the lady herself:

      where is the attempt at amend-making? please point it out because I cannot see it.

      1. rapmachine no diggidy no doubt

        Im sure you watched all of her other videos before making comment. Due to the coming summer and a decrease in her home heating and electricity usage she has offered to make full repayment but im sure having seen her other videos you could see that for yourself.

        1. hoopla

          she hasn’t paid rent for a year.

          what happened last summer that she did not pay then?

          do you really think (based on her past form) they believed her?

          she was given 9 months of chances to pay. she continued to default. now she is being lawfully evicted.

          it is her own fault. this is a situation of her own making.

          1. Dave

            I don’t think it was a lawful eviction as she had no chance to defend herself in court with regard the eviction.. she was never given a date for eviction… dont be so smug about it…unless you know the full facts…which you clearly do not… it would appear to me many messages regarding this are just people making themselves feel good at someone else misfortune….how typically ignorant and indeed irish…shame on you all.. this woman has done nothing to you…no harm to you or anyone else..but you see fit to call her names and judge her… look in the mirror and ask yourself why you feel the need to do this??? and would you like it done to you????

          2. ab

            She had her day in court. She turned up dressed like a town clown, refused to take the oath or acknowledge the authority of the court and was jailed for contempt.

            Again, her problems are of her own making. Not my making, not of the police’s making, not of the judges making, nor not of the making of her innocent kids who will suffer for her stupidity. You cannot ignore a problem for a year and then decide you have not been given enough time to deal with it. The real world does not work that way.

  18. terry leahy

    what ye all dont realise is mic has an illness that she has tried every route and medication thtas available through her gp and hospital…cannabis is the ONLY thing that relieves theses symptoms so who are any of us to tell her which is right or wrong…….and to add cannabis is a plant nothing more…

    1. ab

      Apparently it is an illness that does not stop her from spending hours editing vids to put on the internet,

      Apparently it is an illness that does not stop her from spending hours commenting on them on youtube and here,

      Apparantly it is an illness that does not stop her from spending from collecting contributions and flying to Africa to tell them how to live their lives her way.

      Apparently it is an illness that does not stop her from writing a book.

      I diagnose this woman with the nasty “WontPayTheRentA-Titus” syndrome with a side case of the particularly nasty ImAVictim-abilis. Apparently it is spreading like a virus among the class of people known as scroungers.

  19. Dave

    This woman has tried on many occassions to bring some much needed life to the town she lives through art and music and put her head above the parapet many times only to be shot down again by ignorant people abusing their positions, in order to keep thier own egos and games going. Yes she believes in cannabis as a cure for cancer among other health problems. I know for a fact that cannabis can help many health problems as I was told myself, as have others suffering from various diseases, by professors and their teams when all their drugs have failed…FACT…many other highly respected doctors, professors around the world also say this…not hard to find on youtube etc.. FACT.. you can hide away from these facts if they scare you…but they are true nonetheless.. so Aisling has every right to say this and inform people who do not know and indeed she would rather take this particular drug than drugs the state provides with all their horrific side effects and which do not really work. Another fact…. if cannabis is so bad as many of you say.. why is it legal in some countries and not in others??? Italy being one example where you are allowed grow one plant per person on your windowsill…and Italy is a more conservative country than Ireland in many ways.. As for the eviction is disgusting that anyone regardless of any of their views would be subjected to this clearly unlawful eviction, if you have followed the story.. How would you like this to happen to you??? you might be all high and mighty and judgemental where you sit right now, but everyone is but a few steps from the streets… I suppose you have the same views on those people who are committing suicide around europe, Greece etc who have lost everything to?? we are all connected.. Aisling is someones daughter and someones mother and she is far from being a “bad person”.. and certainly not a hippie… a term used rather easily in an attempt to place someone in a category that many people deem unsavory even in this 2012…if everyone could just stop the knee jerk reaction and really think about what is happening… the Garda removing here though she was not breaching the peace…not giving names and their numbers, not answering these questions put to them by someone they swore an oath to protect but then protected the other side… these are the real issues here… the constitutiion is not being obeyed and this is what keeps us all safe from this type of bullying and disgusting behaviour…and this is happening more and more everyday… maybe something in your life will go wrong and you may be on the end of it…think about it… I personally felt sick when I saw this…it should not have happened and is happening for various reasons all over Ireland..while houses built for greed are vacant…ghost estates… this is clearly wrong.. think about it…put your prejudice and fear aside and think about it…please….

    1. hoopla

      it is a pity that during all that altruistic re-vamping of her home town, she could not go out and earn the €39 needed to keep a roof over the heads of her 2 small children.

      if it justifies drug use to you to sprout (pun intended) endless driveling narrative justifying your (or anyone else’s) use of the stuff, you go for it. names, sources, controlled studies, endorsement by recognised medical professionals? support your nonsense with facts like those and your argument will have some sort of credence.

      has it ever occurred to you that all these people she alleges are conspiring against her with their games and their plots are as a result of her fevered imagination brought on by the use of some substance known for bringing on paranoid illusions?

      1. Dave

        I dont actually use anything…your making assumptions based on your own misguided judgement of me…and a usual response by someone such as yourself when someone defends the use of an illegal herb…. there were studies carried out in Spain..which are widely known which showed and proved the curative properties of cannabis on brain tumors… you could do some research yourself instead of just spouting fear about a subjecty you are clearly either ignorant of or just afraid of due to your upbringing..or you could bring me proof,names, sources, controlled studies etc by indpendent studies not those backed by pharmaceutical companies who make the drugs…understand??? I did not say anyone was consp[iring against her…again a blatant misrepresentation of what I said… and you my friend are the one with the paranoid dillusions regarding the use of cannabis as a curative, particulary cannabis oil, ingested… not smoked…as people such as yourself seem incapable of understanding, they are two very different substances.. and people of all ages and backgrounds are using the oil to cure themselves of many diseases despite the fact that it is illegal in many countries.. and why are they doing this…risking imprisonment??? becasue it works where the medical profession has failed… I can indeed back my words with fact whereas it seems all you can do is back yours with outdated fear…which was in fact false propaganda from the 50’s and before…much like tobacco advertisements… this woman stood up for what she believes in and it was of no harm to anyone.. I have had family members die of cancer having taken every drug the doctors gave them to cure them…until they could no longer stand the pain and their bodies were so broken down that they were put on morphine until they died… ironic really..dying on a drug much stonger than a herb like cannabis could ever be… again how many vacant houses are there in Ireland due to greed??? this woman was no harm to herself, her children or anyone else and could have been left alone to live her own life they way she saw fit…I doubt you will take in anything I have said here as people like yourself rarely change their mind until something happens to you personally… I hope nothing does, but I fear it is the only way you will learn… educate yourself before you have no choice.. or before you die from some cureable disease on a trolley in some hospital… reply if you like…but if it is to spout more fear and force fed propaganda, I will not be responding… turn off your TV, do some real research with an open mind..then a discussion could happen

        1. hoopla

          wow, pot-kettle on the “misguided judgement” thing there dave/woman

          you can stand up and for anything that you wants. if your bag is the worship of 1-legged, albino, reverse transgender, hyper-mobile, ahda, purple skinned, dyslexics with great teeth, good luck to you is what i say.

          its the “I’m a scrounger who plays the victim when I don’t get my own way” act that I object to. not to mention trying to cloud the straight-forward facts of a criminal act (non-payment of rent) by changing the subject to blather on about drugs (yawn) and how she is the victim of people thinking she is a weirdo (yawn)

          pay the £2500 you have robbed from the person it is due to otherwise you are just a common ordinary boring unimaginative thief

      2. Dave

        haha…wow…talk about paranoid illusions…or indeed dillusions, no Dave, being me, is not the woman in the vid..if I had been I would not be ashamed… though in fact we are all really the woman in the vid… you are just too ignorant, in the real sense of the word, to realise it… I would happily be a loser at the fruitless games you play… but in fact competition and games are not my thing..clearly yours… so anyone else reading this… I have said what I have to say…I have supported a human being who I believe was unfairly, unlawfully and unconstitutionally treated…if you choose not to see this…fine…if you choose not to see how the Grada are abusing their powers…fine…there are plenty of other videos on youtube showing other absues of such power… but you choose to name call instead…how utterly intelligent, enlightened of you….until you discover some real truths and not just what you have been told..until you have experienced not just blindly believed…good day to you all… time is moving quickly…time to grow…time to go….peace…

  20. Iwerzon

    nobody has mentioned the role of the guards yet – in civil law they should proioritise the welfare of the family and not the sheriff

    1. ab

      Yes, they should arrest thieving b… witches who do not pay the rent allowance they are given to keep their kids warm and dry

      Furthermore, the courts should give those who want a society with all of the rights and none of the responsibility of normal citizens two months hard labour to earn that money to pay that same rent.

      I work my backside off to keep a roof over the heads of my family. It tends to keep my priorities in order beautifully.

      1. Dave

        the courts do not uphold the law in many many cases and in fact know this… lawyers, solicitors rely on the ignorance of people not knowing the law to use it as they see fit… as for normal citizens.. this woman is a normal citizen… but the garda did not protect her…as they swore oaths to do… you will work your backside off for the rest of your life like the good little slave you are.. as are the majority…. do you think this is what you were born to do???? think about it… I am sure you are capable of more than just working your backside off….surely you give yourself more credit than that being the amazing human being you were created????

        1. ab

          Oh you are an ignorant tool.

          If putting in the time, energy and devotion into keeping a job and providing for my family makes me a slave, let me forever be a slave.

          My kids are happy and healthy. My community respects me, my business is successful. All because I put my heart, soul and brain into making sure things stay this way.

          If I did not go out and be, what you ignorantly refer to as a slave, there wouldn’t be any dole for this scrounger to scam off the state.

          Perhaps I should just give up, smoke pot until my brain melts, indulge in some half-arsed ill-thought out “entrepreneurship” which no-one wants and needs, moan “they are all against me when it fails”, expect the state to provide everything for me, spend my rent allowance on anything except paying rent and whinge like a stuck cow when they don’t let me away with it.

          Not being what you call a slave sounds so appealing. NOT.

          1. Dave

            I do not ignorantly refer to anything…anything I talk about I have thought about and researched and studied… unlike yourself… so what if your community respects you.. or your business is succesful… these are just of the ego… pointless and useless… in reality they mean nothing…hitler was respected too… your community would also be proud of your name calling no doubt… enjoy your time with the sheep….baaaaddd news if you ask me…smoke pot until your brain melts, there have also been studies that show smoking pot actuallyt increases productivity, creativity and a more harmounious existence…but again this probably passes over your head as you head down to the local boozer to get shot faced with your beloved community…

          2. hoopla

            so ‘Dave’ here is really the woman in the vid. what’s wrong? ashamed of who you really are?

            i would be too if i allowed the place my kids live to be taken away from them because i didn’t pay the rent due on it.


  21. Iwerzon

    Nobody has mentioned the role of the guards yet -in civil law they should prioritise the welfare of the family and not the sherriff

  22. shane

    The eviction was a result of a Court Order carried out by the County Registrar.She had her day in Court.She got what she deserved.She made herself homeless.

  23. Debra Grace

    Shameless and disturbing on all levels. Everyone involved must have had their hearts wrenched out , however, that marginal woman is the one who will be on the street. The qfficials will go home to their families and try to justify and live with their actions. “There but for the grace of God go I.” Yes and No.

    1. ab

      Hello Debra from Will and Grace – nice name.

      Here is an idea, how about you stop clouding the issue which is they this woman has to pay the £2500 she has robbed from the person it is due to?

      She is just a common ordinary boring unimaginative thief who is playing the victim card.

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