The Welcome Sign


THE first signs in decades saying ‘Welcome to Northern Ireland’ have been erected at the border…

The signs, which will inform travellers that they are leaving the Republic, are to be placed at eight key border crossings [including Fermanagh above].

And TUV [Traditional Unionist Voice] leader Jim Allister welcomed the move, adding:

“These signs are a useful reminder that traffic laws in the United Kingdom differ from those in the Republic and indeed it is only polite to welcome foreign nationals into our Province.”


Unionists Welcome Border Signs (NewsLetter)

Welcome To NI Signs ‘Waste Of Money’ Says Sinn Fein MLA (BBC)

59 thoughts on “The Welcome Sign

  1. Kolmo

    ugh, what a devisive thing to do, there won’t be a whole load of support for these in the surrounding countryside.

  2. Rob

    Hopefully they’ll be cut down by enterprising scrap metal merchants. Foreign nationals my hole.

  3. MacGafraidh

    Well seen as the parliament believe it’s a different country, why don’t they fly a few Union Jacks there seen as they want to distance themselves from the Republic. Jackasses.

    1. Randall

      Because it is not a boat.

      It is the Union Flag , it is only a Union ‘Jack’ while it is flown on a boat.

      It is a common mistake so I forgive you MacGafraidh on behalf of all the other Broadsheet pedants.

      Alan Davies is probably spinning in his grave :(

      1. MacGafraidh

        well I most certainly don’t classify it as a Union anything but merely a blue, red and white sign of a misrepresented state. But then again, who am I to offer an opinion on Northern Ireland sure I’m only a foreigner ..

        I also highly doubt all the Broadsheet readers would have been somewhat upset by my comment about the flag of Northern Ireland / Great Britain, I apologize to the few that were upset.

        1. Randall

          Dont worry I forgave you.

          I think the signs would be quite handy, and a new surface for wags to come up with witty banter grafitti

          1. MacGafraidh

            So .. if I’m out camping and I run out of toilet paper (because I always bring that camping) and all I have to hand is a ‘Union Flag’ and I choose to use this to enforce my hygiene disciplines .. I’m now racist !? .. thus to save myself being a racist I need to not wipe my arse .. wow .. I better write this down :)

      2. cluster

        It isn’t a mistake any more.

        It is so commonly used often inside and outside Britain to refer to the flag itself in all cases so that is what it means. Language changes, accept it.

  4. bangalore

    Fair enough, don’t see what the big deal is. But someone should remind him that only part of the province is in the UK.

    1. Stephen

      Nobody said anything different. In fact, the word ‘Ulster’ isn’t even mentioned in the post.

  5. Wayne.F

    2 Have already been removed! I can see this being a cyclical thing. Signs getting cut down put up, cut down put up, until it becomes too expensive to bother.

  6. VictorRomeo

    Think of it this way…. it’ll be a handy reminder that the roads are about to get decidedly crappier….

  7. Chris

    For God’s sake lads. Allister knew damn well what he was doing when he chose his words. There are still a few who like to throw out inflammatory comments, just to get a reaction. You’re feeding his ego with your (predictable) comments.

  8. Tim

    We’ve the same issue on the Tipp-KK border. Our “Welcome to the home of hurling ” signs keep getting torn/burnt down by the protestants (KK). Tedious so it is. Mick Lowry is looking into titanium signs.

    1. Marc

      Wouldn’t it be simpler to just turn the sign around 180 degrees? instead of tearing it down or burning it?

  9. Captain Obvious

    They are better than the old border welcome signs, army checkpoints etc… so what if they put up welcome signs – it could be an awful lot worse. Move on please..

  10. ANVIL

    Perhaps the Shinners ought to get their old muckers to put up signs pointing to where the bodies are buried instead.

  11. ahjayzis

    What’s the big deal? There’s “Welcome to Scotland/Wales” signs on their borders with England, doesn’t mean you’re leaving “the country”.

    If the good minister really wanted to underline the foreignness of NI he’d have said “Welcome to the United Kingdom of Northern Ireland and Great Britain – wipe the muck off before ya step in ma wee pet”

    1. Marc

      Pardon my ignorance, but Scotland and Wales are different countries, are they not? You are in fact leaving “the country” when you leave the country.

      Great Britain is a Kingdom, not a country.

      1. ahjayzis

        But you’re not leaving the United Kingdom, which is the nation. Or else Scotland/Wales are the nations and the UK is the country… I can’t remember which word goes with what.

        Point is though, who aside from rabid nationalists with too much time on their hands really gives a shite? People in England, Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are so similar it’s positively 20th century to quibble over land borders and jurisdiction.

  12. Karl

    “These signs are a useful reminder that traffic laws in the United Kingdom differ from those in the Republic and indeed it is only polite to welcome foreign nationals into our Province.”

    Tbf that is some Grade A trolling, respect. That said, I doubt that people from Donegal, Monaghan and Cavan would call themselves foreign nationals, nor would they want Jim Allister welcoming people on their behalf.

  13. paddy de plastered

    I don’t see any problem with the signs. Of course he did have to get a jibe in at the press conference, but meh to that.

  14. H

    That building in the background is not, as I first thought on arrival in Belcoo, a GAA or other sporting ground. It’s a PSNI station, I was quite surprised that they still felt they needed that level of protection, what with the peace process and all that….

  15. ahjayzis

    The only answer to this insult to our sovereignty is to erect twice as many, thrice as glitzy signs on the way into the Republic.

    It is only polite to welcome refugees into our (comparatively) proper functioning democratic state.

    “Welcome to the Republic of Ireland, below are the economic and social statistics that prove even in a recession we’re twice as liveable-in as that hot mess of a failed shitkip statelet you just left – note our smoother roads!”

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