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David Burnside, Ulster Unionist Party (​UUP) politician and former MLA, in today’s Daily Telegraph

This afternoon.

Meanwhile, Vice President of the European Commission Maroš Šefčovič is currently briefing the Executive Office Committee of the Stormont parliament. The meeting comes as the EU is due to agree to a UK request to delay a ban on chilled meat products from Great Britain being sold in Northern Ireland.

Live: Maroš Šefčovič appears at Stormont Committee (BBC)



From top: Michael McDowell;  Quinn Holdings Directors from left: Dara O’Reilly, Tony Lunney, John McCartin and CEO Liam McCaffrey, speak to the meeting ourside Monaghan Garda Station after meeing with Garda Commissioner Drew Harris last night

This morning.

On RTÉ’s Today with Seán O’Rourke, Fianna Fáil leader Mícheál Martin and Senator Michael McDowell spoke to Mr O’Rourke in light of the interview with Quinn executive Kevin Lunney on BBC Spotlight Northern Ireland programme last night.

Mr Lunney’s brother Tony Lunney also participated in the discussion.

Mr McDowell mentioned that if one drives into Crossmaglen, Co Armagh, today, the town’s ‘sniper at work’ sign is still perched on a telephone pole.

He then said:

“I think there has to be extremely heavy policing and surveillance and use of electronic counter measures, bugging, you name it. Tracing cars, you name it, tracing the use of phones, all of that has to be done very intensively.

“And I think that…again, I don’t want to be negative but there has been a  clear lapse in policing  on both sides of the border and there should have been a clear appreciation that this was going to escalate to the point that it has.

“And in any event, if it hadn’t escalated to the point that it has, it was still unacceptable.”

“That sign [in Crossmaglen] on the side of the road should have been removed by the gardai and the county council years ago. If I put up a sign in the middle of Ranelagh, giving out about Luas or something like that, it would be gone in ten seconds.

“You can’t have a differential approach to the rule of law…”

Listen back in full here

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Pics: Reddit and Rollingnews

Chief Constable at the Police Service of Northern Ireland Simon Byrne

Last night.

The BBC reported:

The Chief Constable [of the PSNI] Simon Byrne has told Boris Johnson the PSNI will not police any customs checkpoints on the Northern Ireland border after Brexit.

Mr Byrne had a 30 minute video call with the prime minister last Friday.

He also told Mr Johnson he had “no plans to put police officers on any one of 300 crossings” along the border.

Brexit: PSNI ‘won’t police customs checkpoints’, says chief constable (BBC)

Pic: BBC

Last night.

RTÉ News reported that the British Government is allegedly proposing to build customs posts between five and ten miles along both sides of the border to replace the backstop, as part of the UK’s Brexit deal proposals.

However, Tánaiste Simon Coveney has dismissed the idea.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also dismissed the leaked proposal but told BBC this morning that it’s a “reality” that some customs checks will be needed.

Further to this…

Richard Cantwell tweetz:

Here’s a map [above] showing what a 10-mile buffer zone along *both* sides of the border would look like.

There are over 625,000 people living in the zone.

Last night, RTÉ’s Europe Editor Tony Connelly tweeted:


Tánaiste Simon Coveney responded…

Brexit: Boris Johnson dismisses leaked UK border plan rejected by Dublin as out-of-date – live news (The Guardian)


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar speaking to Virgin Media One’s Gavan Reilly earlier today.

Gavan Reilly

At the border between Newry and Dundalk

The dossier marked “official-sensitive” prepared for the EU Exit Negotiations Board is dated 28 August.

It details how the findings of all advisory groups informing the government on the Northern Irish border are being kept deliberately under wraps to try to avoid hampering Britain’s intended renegotiation of the backstop agreed to by Theresa May.

…..Border solutions the report deems as having the most potential are listed as:

Regulatory and industry assurance schemes.

Trusted trader schemes.

Smarter risking (a technological solution that involves data sharing).

A Northern Ireland sanitary and phytosanitary zone to track contamination and disease.

There were significant concerns about an artificial intelligence option, which experts felt might not detect disease and chemical contamination of food.

Onboard vehicle technology which could track the location, weight and temperature of goods was also considered risky if a lorry might suddenly be taken out of service and goods offloaded into a non-registered vehicle.

Physical goods checks through mobile units could take weeks and involve lengthy periods of quarantine, the report found. The units could also be vulnerable to “targeting” and staff could be at risk, it said….

Irish border after Brexit – all ideas are beset by issues says secret paper (The Guardian)


Border between Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

Dara Doyle, of Bloomberg, reports:

Ireland is set to acknowledge publicly for the first time the need to set up checks at or around its border with Northern Ireland in a no-deal Brexit scenario, people familiar with the matter said.

The government will accept that checks, especially on livestock, will be required at least close to the frontier if the U.K. crashes out of the European Union when it publishes no-deal contingency plans on Tuesday, the people said, asking not to be identified because the plans haven’t yet been discussed with cabinet.

…The European Commission has pushed the Irish government to lay out its plans for the border in a no-deal Brexit, a person familiar with the matter said earlier this year. Ireland was proving elusive when the Commission has attempted to pin down the government on its plan, according to the person.

Irish to Accept Need for Border Checks in a No-Deal Brexit (Bloomberg)

Pic: Bloomberg



In respect of its article, Bloomberg has added:

The location of any checks is still to be determined, one of the people said.

“An earlier version of this story said the government would accept that checks would have to be at or close to the border.

“A spokesman for Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney said that was “incorrect.” Updated contingency plans will be published in full later Tuesday, after the cabinet has had its discussion, the spokesman said.”

Irish Said to Accept Need for Checks in No-Deal Brexit (Bloomberg)